Automatically Finding Weapons in Social Media Images Part 1

As part of my previous post on gangs in Detroit, one thing had struck me: there are an awful lot of guns being waved around on social media. Shocker, I know. More importantly I began to wonder if there wasn’t a way to automatically identify when a social media post has guns or other weapons […]

Automatically Reverse Image Search YouTube Videos

Eliot Higgins had an excellent post where he shows how to grab preview images from YouTube videos and use them for verification, or potentially to find additional sites where that video¬†might be shown or linked to. This technique is called reverse image searching which I have covered here on this blog as well. This OSINT […]

Automating OSINT

This blog is all about collecting, and storing¬†open sources of information. In particular how do we automate some of these tasks so that we can spend more time doing what humans do best: analysis. The web is full of content, APIs and is rich for data analysis. But where do we start? Too often I […]