Gangs of Detroit: OSINT and Indictment Documents

VICE News ran a story about a gang in Detroit, Michigan that was nabbed partly due to their use of social media. This of course caught my attention so I clicked the link to the indictment papers and began to have a read. I find court documents completely fascinating. It’s a weird hobby I will admit. However, […]

Follow the Money with Python

Lots of OSINT investigations involve looking at companies, their structure, and of course their directors. Just yesterday, CBC News here in Canada did a story about a wealthy family allegedly using tax havens as a means to avoid paying taxes. As part of the news story the reporters at CBC posted some court documents and […]

Mapping Where Sex Offenders Can Live

This has been adapted from a unit in my OSINT course. Head to Wikimapia and the Google API Console to get the prerequisite keys that you need to run the code from this post. You can download the source for this post here. Recently I was listening to an episode of the Freakonomics podcast titled, “Making […]